ChorichPharm provides services on obtaining Marketing Authorization for medicinal products, pharmaceutical substances and Biologically Active Additives in Russian Federation.

ChorichPharm was founded in 2007; main line of our activity is obtaining Marketing Authorization for medicinal products and pharmaceutical substances in Russia.

We offer the following services:

  • Registration of medicinal products on “turn-key” principle, from putting together Registration Dossier to obtaining Marketing Authorization.
  • Registration of pharmaceutical substances (listing  pharmaceutical substances in State Register).
  • Introduction of alterations in Product Registration documents.
  • Putting together Registration Dossier.
  • Preparation of RD based on Manufacturer specifications and methods. Issue of Regulatory Document meeting Russian requirements.
  • Preparation of document package for GMP Inspection. Filing an application to MIT of Russian Federation for setting Inspection date.
  • Consultations on issues of obtaining Marketing Authorization for medicinal products.
  • Training your specialists, conducting training sessions on obtaining Marketing Authorization for MPs.

Our advantages:

  • Professionalism and vast experience of work in the field of obtaining Marketing Authorization for medicinal products.
  • High quality. Due to high quality of issued documents, prolonged period of registration is avoided. 
  • Integrity and openness.
  • Meeting deadlines and high execution speed.
  • Engineering equipment. We use a modern project management system permitting us to obtain total and transparent control over the whole process of registration (obtaining Marketing Authorization).
  • Complete confidentiality.
  • A tight-knit team of professionals. We employ English-speaking specialists with university/college degree in pharmacy/chemistry.
  • Reliable partners. We work in close cooperation with LABMGMU Medical Research (ООО «ЛАБМГМУ»),  a company which for many years have been conducting clinical and pre-clinical trials of medicinal products in Russia.

We are not publishing a list of our clients on our website as this information is confidential. However, we are ready to answer all your questions related to obtaining Marketing Authorization for medical products, so you may be assured of our high professional standards. 

We value our reputation; to accomplish any project (regardless of whether is it small or big, simple or complicated) is an express condition of our cooperation. We shall always give a cue to our client on the best method of action, on the best strategy of registration and on the correct preparation of documents.